RO Project

Welcome to the RO Project on InsaneSoft. The project encompasses two very different RP experiences. Aurora is a lighthearted, high fantasy adventure. Arcanum is a serious, steampunk Armageddon.

Instead of trying to compete with each other, the GMs from both games are working together so that players have the opertunity to join one or both games. All events will be worked out to have no overlap.

Although each game has it's own rules, they do share a few. Respect the players and the GMs. Respect the stories. Keep OOC drama out of the games and off the sites. Stay in character, especially during events.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. We're here to game.

GM: Chaz
Rating: Strong R

(Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Drugs/ Tobacco/ Alcohol Use, Sexual Themes, Religion/Mythology)

Setting: Steampunk


GMs: Denny, A-T,
and Raven
Rating: PG-13

(Comic Mischif, Alcohol Use, Fantasy Violence, some Crude/Mature Humor)

Setting: High Fantasy