Admission Procedures

Would you like to join the server, or perhaps you would like to invite a friend over to play along? Due to the fact that we are inherently a private server, there are some procedures to be done before such can happen. It may seem slightly long but but all is necessary.

Due to the past RO roleplaying has, we believe that not everyone may be a good fit to the server, therefore each player goes under a small procedure to ensure that the newcomer in question is able to settle and adapt into the fun! Without further ado, here is all the information you'll need to know and follow by.

Main GM responsible to handle the procedures is A-T.


Invitation by Community Members

In order for a community member to be able to invite a friend over, they must meet the following criteria:

  • One needs to be invited by an active member of the community. Active member is considered to be someone that is of familiar face to the whole community, and have had at least six months of activity on the forums.
    • This means you must actively take part in events, roleplay, be with the community. Just signing up on forums and saying hi in forums does not work, and neither does participating in an event or two on a span of a few months. We know our community, so please we ask you to mind yourself.
  • One needs to gain consent from the present GM Staff in order to be aware that a new person is interested to join. This is to make sure there are no surprises to be had. This step may take a little longer in case of people known from past servers; a background check will be had in case there is any conflict whatsoever. If in doubt who to speak to, speak to A-T. Look in the following section “Process of Acceptance” for the actual process steps.

No Invitation; Stumbled upon Server & Interested to join.

Such is a possible thing, and we acknowledge such by having the following procedure:

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Answer the following question:
    • Have you ever roleplayed before?
    • Have you played in other RO roleplay servers? If yes, where?
    • Why do you wish to specifically join Aurora?

The questions can be answered in any format, as long as they are answered. They can be answered point-by-point, or they can be written in one solid text. Either or, if any question is skipped out, your application is considered as invalid and will not be considered.

Process of Acceptance

When a community member invites a newcomer over, or the newcomer sends an e-mail regarding their interest in joining, the following will happen:

  • Send or speak to A-T, or e-mail.
  • Once deemed to be eligible, Background Check commences and a small summary is made.
  • A message will be sent for other GMs with a description to either approve or disapprove. If necessary, discussions might happen.
  • Newcomer will receive a reply by whatever platform of communication was used (either Forum PM, e-mail or IMing).

Why Background Check?

This may be somewhat strange and intimidating at first to hear, but bear with us to explain it out. When we say background checking it doesn't mean we need to know your mother's name and where you work at. We look for past RO experience and RP experience in general!

This is the crucial part where we would truly see if the person would be a good fit for server or not. You see, there have been cases where the person has had too much of a bad rep in the past, and therefore it meant potential discourse with the community. It would not only ruin the community's fun but also that of the newcomer, therefore we would like to avoid such cases if entirely possible. It doesn't mean that just because the newcomer in question has a really bad rep they would be immediately rejected. We will see where the problems comes from, check if clashes can be resolved and if such mend themselves well, the person would be able to join.

This may mean that we will be asking our community about the invited newcomer!

But the Rules say "Leave the Baggage by the Door"! Isn't that enough?

While we are very strict upon such a rule for both newcomers and community members alike, it is not always so easy to do! There are some cases that are so severe that it cannot be helped. This is why Background Checking is important. It will not only make sure the person is a good fit, but also that they are able to start with a truly blank slate.

It is important to note that present community takes priority over newcomers; if the problem cannot be resolved, the newcomer cannot join and will have our most sincerest apologies. After all, there is only much we can do and miracles is not one of them.

After Acceptance

After having gone through the procedures of being accepted, the following steps must be done strictly in the following order:

Failure of Compliance

Failing to comply with this policy unfortunately does have consequences.

  • First-time offense will be given a warning, and the situation will be handled accordingly. The newcomer will be barred from entry.
  • Repeated offense will ensure the community member in question to be asked to leave or banned, depending on how the situation at hand is handled.
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