Welcome in the Rules section. Well, we all know each other and stuff, so we all know the usual procedures right? For the very very new ones in the server, welcome! I hope this page is here for nothing!

General Rules

  • Golden Rule no.1: no douchebaggery
  • Golden Rule no.2: no animu tendencies, such as “kawaii” and “desu”
  • The server is 16+. Any minors are to ask their guardians to play on the server or do so at your own risk.
  • Respect the Staff
    • We don't want to be big shots just because we're on staff, but we do expect some respect. Being friends with a staff member will not win you any points either, as we treat everyone equally and fairly.
  • Respect the community
    • Is there a need to elaborate? Just in case, we just cannot stress enough how important this point is. To have truly the best experience on the server, you must respect and be part of the community. Be friendly, be kind to others, and if needed be, be patient and understanding. If there is a problem regarding a player going overboard in a manner that is irritating you, please PM or speak to a staff member. We're here to help out after all.
  • Leave the baggage by the door
    • We all come from different servers; most of us were once in the same server and separated when the shit hit the fan, making a lot of stress and unnecessary drama. We also come from very different walks of life and everyone has their own problems to deal with. As this server is a happy medium for us all to RP on equal terms, please just…don't cause drama. That is all.

Server Rules

  • No botting or use of third-party programs.
  • No Account Sharing.
  • Do not abuse bugs or glitches; if any are found put a post in the Technical Support section of the Forums.
  • Do not kill-steal.
  • Do not break Dead or Bloody Branches in towns.


  • Golden Rule: NO ANIMU
  • Make the character in parallel to its origins. It's ridiculous to make a person named “Himizu” and talks in chinese language if he/she lived in Prontera all his/her life.
  • Despite of being fantasy, please keep down to earth. If you wish to make something that is not normal, make it in a logical fashion.
  • Your character can and will die in certain circumstances. In Character actions have In Character consequences. If your character is facing an important character ICly and acts inappropriately, do not cry your eyes out if s/he gets jailed or in worst cases, killed.
  • Your character is not immune to anything. Tolerance to some things yes, but no immunities unless specified by a ST.
  • Your character may not possess a magical item or weapon that is out of the blue, either at the creation of the character or simply invented unless confirmed with or given by a ST.
  • Use proper names or aliases. No “sH4D0w_0f_s1n” or anything similar.
  • IC all the time; try to keep AFK and OOC to the minimum whilst rping.
  • If you need to speak OOCly, use @ooc command.
  • If you thought project, use double square brackets.
  • The Main Chat is to be IC only. Whisper, Party and Guild Chats can be used for both reasons according to what situations are they being used for.
  • No god-modding1), power-playing2) or meta-gaming3).
  • Always assume that towns' streets are under Guard Watch. Out in the streets, your character is supervised by IC Guards at all times.
  • Before there used to be rules and bans about “cyber-sex”, however sex scenes in-character can ultimately be part of an RP development, therefore we're allowing them at limited situations. If your character is involved in a relationship and such scenes are inevitable, be reasonable; if done in a street or out in the open you will get immediately jailed as outdoors shenanigans are prohibited. If you are caught by other characters indoors, rp accordingly. If you never want to rp such scenes, you can Time Skip.

IRC Rules

  • Respect all members present in chatroom.
  • Leave the baggage by the door.
  • Do not provoke or attack. Discuss with prudence; we don't mind discussions or strong opinions, but keep them civilized.
  • Do not post commercial messages or advertisements.
  • No racism or sexism.
  • No bots.
  • Porn, excessive gore and excessively vulgar language are prohibited. If nudity is present but is not pornographic (a.k.a: artistic nudity), label it as “NSFW”.

Account Creation

You must be first cleared for Forum use before being able to request an account. Under the Server News and Update Forum, look for the Account Registration thread. There you will find the information needed to make an account.


We don't have any approval system on this server, however, that doesn't mean you may create world and story willy nilly. You may make a private mini-story without destroying towns and killing a nation. Nothing happens without a reason and so should your character's action. We also would like to mention that there are no approvals on character creation of any race, as long as it is one of the subjects enlisted in Races.

We would like you to take character creation seriously. If you think that the particular character can be better off human, please do so. Don't make characters to look cool; we don't mind wings and piercings with the right reasons. What we DO mind however is a seven-winged Sephiroth with a blade as long as America itself. It just doesn't happen.

We would ALSO like to add that this server is NOT equal to anime. Please, avoid anime influence when making anything with your life. We are fantasy but anime-styled situations, characters and tendencies are just not the only type of fantasy around. We're not refering to anime-styled art here, we're refering to anime-like characters as to how they act, how they speak and how they fight.

If you are in doubt about something, or you are not sure if whatever you have in mind is allowed on the server or not, please contact one of the STs in the forums. The current STs on the server are Audrey-Tifa, Denny, Raven, and Tensard.

Breaking the Rules

Apparently this was not clear from the start, so here it is; it is to note the banhammer on this server is pretty much alive and well, and no member of this community is above the law. This includes GMs. When a rule is broken, you should report.

I would also like to specify that the rules in general are not here to scare you but to tell you what is and what’s not allowed around our community. Behave decently and no harm will come your way.


Screen cap or record logs of the incident and report them to the GMs via forum PM. Forum private messages or IRC private chats also counts. Actions will be taken accordingly. Please note that word of mouth, or just witnessing the rule-breaking, will not count as evidence. GMs need solid evidence for a report to take its full effect.

Banning Procedures

If one is found guilty of rule-breaking, they will be punished. The types of ban count for ANY of the following rules below, even IRC rules. Whether the rule-breaking happened in IRC or In-Game, they will still count. The procedure of bannings are as follows:

  • First-time Offender: 2-3 days ban.
  • Second-time Offenders: Week ban
  • Third-time Offenders: Asked to leave, or perma-ban. If player returns whenever, it's an instant ban.

Note: Breaking more than one rule in one go will result in an instant ban/asked to leave

Ban Appeals

You can apply for a ban appeal by contacting the GMs via the forum PM, including any information you received as part of being banned, which should include a general reasoning, length of time on the ban, and the person who applied the ban, and reasons why you think the ban is in error.

Procedures of Appeals will be taken on a case-by-case basis, and methods will be given to the appealer granted after the GMs go over the issue once more, according to the nature of the appeal in question. Should the appeal be of an extreme nature, the community will be involved for the judging by raising a poll.

It is important to note that ass-kissing here does not apply. Please demonstrate some humility when you’re appealing; this is a procedure to resolve and, if deemed worthy, forgiveness. Being sorry for what happened isn't enough; we need a very good, reasonable case for the ban appeal to function.

1) Where the player roleplays his character to be completely invincible. This is considered as absurd and can be a ban-able offense.
2) Where the character is rp'd in a manner that not allow proper response or reaction of opposing character. Never state an action to be final; only attempt and see if the other player accepts. Power-play also apply to opposing character; one cannot reject everything that the other character is attempting.
3) Where the player rps the character as being already knowledgeable about something with no coherent reason. It is impossible for a character to know what happened exactly if he was not present at all, unless the character in question heard a rumor. It's impossible for a character to know someone else's name without even being told by anyone ICly and reading the name under the character's sprite does not as an excuse. It is also not possible for, say a priest, to know fist-fighting without proper reason or origin of such an ability.
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