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Welcome to Aurora, a Private Ragnarok Online Server! The server's setting is fantasy oriented, varying from low to high fantasy in storylines.

To get a wiki account please PM Sage on the forums with your desired user name, password and email.


  • Server Name: AuroraRO
  • Server Type: RP Server1)
  • Rates: 50/50/30
  • Roleplay Type: Moderated RP2)

Why does the Server exist?

We do not want the server to be technically challenging, on the contrary; this server exists only as a happy medium for roleplay.

This means that the server is simply a surface on which the character can exist, somewhat like a Tabletop RP. The maps, the enhancements and stories conducted deviate entirely from classical RO lore, having our own canons of the world.

We also have a structure of roleplay that involves use of dice, specifically based on solely the 20-sided die. Characters have their respective sheets, seperate from character profiles, which its creation is thoroughly explained in the Character Sheets segment of the wiki. Despite of having this system in motion, leveling is the least important factor as the system is there to support rp. We roleplay, not for blind grinding, looting and leveling,but for the sake of rp.

N.B.: For RPers that love to play RO for the game itself, we have enhanced the rates so that it will not be as difficult, keeping some of the challenge of RO intact. The actual mechanics of RO, leveling and grinding do not count for squat in our system, and it's only there because we use an RO server as a platform. If you are looking for classical PVPing and Level Rankings with actual RO mechanics, then the server is not for you.


  • THIS IS A PRIVATE SERVER. You need to go through Admission Procedures to be able to play.
  • This server is heavily fantasy-oriented. Each country has its own culture and peoples. For more in-depth information about Aurora's setting, we suggest a visit the second section of the wiki: World Setting.
  • This server is at least 16+. We are a mature community and certain conduct is simply not acceptable. Please read the rules. The contents within the server may not always suit the younger crowd either.
    • Alcohol Use
    • Fantasy Violence
    • Mature Humor
    • Occasional sexual themes and nudity (heavily supervised)
    • Occasional drug themes (heavily supervised)
1) where the person plays as the character and not as the player.
2) where the character is to be adapted into a setting already fixed by Storytellers/Gamemasters.
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