The World

The World of Aurora is a big world, however compared to its sister dead planets it is quite smallish. The planet thrives with its own flora, fauna and landscapes of different climates, where countries, races, cultures, economy and sciences thrive.

Worldly Mechanics

The Basics: Mana

Mana, or Energy, is the most basic and singular driving force of Aurora, and also the blood of the world. It has many states and properties, ranging from no element to primary, secondary and high elements.

The Elements

Magic operates on three main branches to which all beings can tap and cast into under many shapes and forms of practices. They are, so to speak, the major types of elements that drive the world in the way we know it. These are:

  • Pure Element: is the purest form of mana one will find on Aurora. Mana without any inclination to a known element is mana that usually lies at the center of the world, and while there is pure mana in nature, it’s very rare and, more often than not, found accompanying another element. Trying to connect to the pure element is a massive headache, and thus least practiced. It is neutral, therefore it can be converted into another element. Being the wildcard, it can also cause magic that doesn’t necessarily fall under a specific type.
  • Basic Elements is the most basic components of the world, and are usually categorised as Primary, Secondary and High Elements. All of these elements have a big role throughout the world, and they do manifest in their most basic forms such as seas, volcanoes, winds, stone, ect.
    • Primary Elements are elements that dictate the 4 most powerful forces that make up the physical world, being Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These are responsible for the formation of everything.
    • Secondary Elements are elements that are responsible for changes on the surface of the world, such as storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters. These are caused by cause and effect of basic elements, and therefore in a chain reaction, create the secondaries.
    • High Elements, which are Spirit, Dark and Holy/Light, are responsible for multiple things on their own. Spirit acts as a balance between Dark and Holy, and all three dictate the mortality of a being. Dark and Light, due to their duality, can cause illusions if used with shadow or light respectively, though this is a byproduct of the elements which they are not directly responsible in dictating.
  • Complex Elements are all the elements in between the Basic Elements, consisting of three or more elements and they are un-numbered in quantity. These elements are all physically manifested, and there is no such thing as using Complex Elements in Magic. In a complicated criss-cross of elements, they form minerals, crystals, gases, liquids, metals and other elements that are vast as they are numerous. Complex Elements are split in 3 big groups: Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Magic Wells

Having Mana as the singular force of the world, it is driven and cycled through the globe in the form of Magic Wells. Magic Wells are the mechanics of a body; just like a body has organs, arteries and veins, the Magic Wells are a mechanism consisting of Wells and Roots. They pump mana through the world, and without it the world would be static as well as dead. Starting from the Mother Well, up till the Roots of the magical Chain.

To know more about the Hierarcy of Wells and how it functions, visit here.


Continents on Aurora are numerous (they are limited to what RO itself covers), and new places & locations are uncovered through ST driven quests and plotlines.

List of Continents

  • Overworld
    • The Great West: Orbis of Midgard
    • The Great West: Orbis of Arunafeltz
    • The Great East
  • Underworld
    • Nosgard

More information about these continents can be found here.

Magic & Technology

As mentioned before, Mana is an essential driving force on Aurora, making up different basic elements around the world that develop into more complex elements and natural phenomenons. As they react and interact with each others, they make up the entire world.

Two main fields branched out as living beings dwelled on the surface of the world: Magic and Technology.

In the works; stay tuned as we are updating and re-vamping some pages. Visit the old Magic and Technology pages for the time being to keep up with what is being currently used.


Aurora has many beliefs…more than we can even list! It is not a must on Aurora to have a religion…but it is a must for a character to have a belief.

Why? Visit here to know fully.


There are a lot of being and species that live on Aurora, however few possess the power of reason. Visit here to learn more about your racial choices.

Please Note

Death on Aurora is permanent. While there are ways and measures to get your character “back to life”, these are rare and far in between.
In previous server, time was rigid in accordance to whether in-game it is night or day, with several attempts in trying to make it better. It has failed miserably, and Aurora operates like a movie instead. For example: say that your character is in a country and having a private roleplay session there. If you wish to attend to an important event that is taking place in another country, you can always say that the session took place a few days prior and then travelled to Midgard. In a few words, time on Aurora is very fickle. However if one character is already intensely involved in a major plot/episode, it is impossible to be engaged in other small quests or plots of a different place. Both would require a lot of attention and distance travelling would botch performance.
Distance from one continent to another is probably similar, if not nearly identical, to the real world; you cannot travel from one country to another in just an hour. It would be heavily reliant on transportation; it might take from a day to three weeks to travel cross countries, while travelling to a nearby village would take from an hour to half a day, and so forth. We ask you to apply logic according to circumstance.
Teleportation on Aurora is an overwhelming form of magic in which one can fast travel from one spot to another given enough casting time, however self-casting a portal requires an extensive amount of magic capability, patience and time. Teleport Portals really aren't efficient and only takes a few number of people, ranging from 3 to 6 individuals. If lucky, it might support 8. Another form of Teleportation found on Aurora are constructed Portals, much like Gates, that allow such fast travelling to happen. Assume that this is extremely rare throughout the world in general.
Regarding plot drives
Main plots are mostly ST driven, however your character will bring about the final result through interaction and actions. If your character is going to act like a douchebag in a Throne Room, your character is prone to getting kicked out or jailed. If your character chose to be a smart-ass and still face the 50-headed Hydra, your the character is prone to end up dead. Apply logic according to what kind of character you are playing.
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