The World of Aurora


Aurora is a vast and varied world, whose lands are as numerous as they are both unique and inter-connected. The majority of the world is part of three continental regions: The Orbis of Midgard and Arunafeltz, which form the Great West, and the distant lands of the Great East. Deep beneath the surface of Aurora lies Nosgard, the Old World, that Aurora formed on top of.

The planet of Aurora is smaller than Earth in the real world, but not small enough to walk around in a single day. The skies remain open, the oceans remain vast, and international voyages are usually best left to boats, trains, airships and caravans.

Omitted Lands

This wiki page is fairly comprehensive in terms of listing major countries and townships. Some places in the world are omitted from this wiki for a number of reasons, either due to only recently being added to RO through a patch, or having not been a place of lore interest until recent events, or because knowledge of the place is not commonly known by player characters, or because the place existed only during a specific historical era, and is now defunct.

However, unless informed of unlisted areas by a GM, player characters may only originate from the lands outlined in the wiki. Characters may not come from lands wholly foreign and unknown to all of Aurora, and players may not simply make up such foreign regions. Setting-wise, there is a bit of everything on Aurora, and it doesn't hurt to ask a GM or fellow players if you are unsure about where your character may originate from.

New lands may emerge in the future, as the story of Aurora unfolds!

Leading GMs

For the most part, each member of the GM Team has a few or several regions of the world which they are mostly responsible for, in terms or writing lore and telling stories.Click here to know which GM to refer to if you have questions pertaining to a specific region of the world!

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