The Economy

Economy on Aurora flourishes and dies according to demands, needs and wants, very closely like the real world. The market is very much alive, and your character can be a part of it by selling goods and services that nobody offers, or by just being a consumer and buy what they need such as gear and items. One can also build up a business if they have the money, or simply be a merry adventurer who takes up odd jobs or going on an adventure.


Money makes the world go round, at least for the civilized societies established among the intelligent races. Money works relatively the same as you’d expect it to; it is essential for multiple things, whether it is paying off expenses, buying items, buying craft licences, or merely trade. All the currencies of the world have their own base worth, shorthand symbols, and a small piece of history of origin.

Currency Types

  • Runian Zeny: The Runian Zeny has been issued since the start of the kingdom, and is spread much throughout the main continent of Rune. The Zeny mostly comes in bronze, silver, and gold coins, and when the ruler of the kingdom changes, so does the image on the coins.
  • Republican Marck: Issued after the creation of the Schwartzvald Republic, the Schwartzvald Marck: is the first country in the world to use standardized paper bills, borrowing the idea from Ba Jin and refining the concept.
  • Aruni Darik: Arunafeltz Dariks is a very old currency that had minimal changes over time. The coins are bronze, silver, and gold coins, and all bear the image of their goddess Freya on the back.
  • Sograti Rira: The Sograt Rira has been issued when the Sultan’s reign was established, a couple of years after the end of the Tribal Wars. Its coins are made of mostly bronze and silver, and are rougher and less refined than their counterparts.
  • Geffenian Gemmite: The Gemmite are coins embedded with precious gems on them, with the values being different depending on color. Some of the finest coins to exist, the Gemmite is proof Dwarves are very much capable of doing delicate work. Used in Vahk’Sala and Thor’s Volcano.
  • Taros Grande: Coins minted with plain images of a series of islands, with the coin’s specific worth on the reverse side.
  • Bajinian Yuan: Ba Jin Yuan, made up mostly of bronze and nickel coins, the gold coins have been replaced by paper bills, Ba Jin is the earliest country on Aurora to use paper bills. After the Schwartzvald refined the concept of paper bills, Ba Jin now has standardized bills as well, as opposed to having different bills depending on the region in the past.
  • Sybirian Roble: The Sybirian Roble is made up of lesser, unneeded magical stones, something Sybir has too much of, and was the only thing the warring states in Sybir all agreed on before they united into one kingdom.
  • Juperos Credit The Credit is the first plastic money to be had in Aurora, issued only in recent years. It has no shape or form of coins or paperbills, but instead stored numerical data on a credit card. The credit card acts like a wallet on its own, accompanied with an ID in order to reduce theft.

Currency Table

Currency Country of Origin Symbol Shorthand Rate1)
Zeny Rune z 1
Marck Schwartzvald Republic m 100
Darik Arunafeltz Emirates d 0.5
Rira Sograt Regime r 10
Gemmite Vahk’Sala g 0.01
Taros Grande El Quattor Grande tg 5
Yuan Empire of Bajin Y 3
Roble Sybir ro 0.1
Credit Juperos CR 1

Character Income & Expenditures

Personal Upkeep

Personal Upkeep is the monthly expenditure that your character has to pay for mostly basic needs, such as food, beverages, clothing, shelter, security and so forth. Upkeep costs differentiate according to how your character lives; if your character lives in the woods and off hunting pray, then chances are your character is not pulling out a dime, however they might not have too much storage space. Someone that owns a mansion, on the other hand, has luxury, security, storage and possibly even servants and guards, but all these things come at a very costly price.

Default Upkeep of a starting character is Frugal or Traveler. PM Tensard to discuss your character’s standards of living.
Upkeep is to paid on the first day of every month.

More updates coming soon. Changes pending. For more information on Upkeep Rates and Starting Currency for new characters, please reference this document.


Income on Aurora comes from a variety of sources. Your character can work at a mundane job, they can be store owners, or they can just live off wilflide and do not necessarily require any income to earn money. Your character doesn't necessarily have to have any job at all and just earn their money through doing odd jobs here and there.

Default Income is not available with starting characters.
Income is received on the first day of every month.

More updates coming soon.

The Marketplace

The Market on Aurora is constantly moving, and your character can very well be part of it by selling their own goods or services that nobody else might provide. This comes with its own set of expenditures and dedication, so your character cannot just open shop while having him or her stay away too much from their store, unless they have their own workers.

More updates coming soon.

1) Base worth of all currencies is based on difference in contrast to the Runian Zeny. The smaller the number, the more valuable is the coin.
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