Aurora is a pretty magical world, where Mana (or Energy) operates as the most basic, singular force of the planet. This comes in a variety of elements, and ways have been found to use it in forms of practices of a huge variety.


Spellcasting is the study of magic on the basis of conjuring and utilising the Basic Elements through spells, incantations and other means that relies on oneself. One will need a Magic Catalyst in order to efficiently cast a spell, however there are means of removing this reliance. Spellcasting is vast and huge, and the way a character casts spells heavily relies on tuition and the culture from where they learnt such magics. For instance, priest doesn’t cast magic like a wizard would, and a Runian Cleric wouldn’t cast the same as an Aruni Priest.

  • All spellcasters use Basic Elements and rely on the World's mechanism of Magic Wells. To know more about this system, visit Magic Wells page.
  • As mentioned before, different cultures begets different practices to cast their magics. For more detailed information on how Elements are implemented in different practices, visit Magic Practices Page.

Basic Elements, Strengths and Weaknesses

Basic Elements on Aurora all have their counterparts and opposites, and all Elements can be combined in different fashions. While this is already addressed in the Dice System, here is a basic tabulation of all the Elements, with their Strengths and Weaknesses addressed.

Basic Elements
Primary Elements Secondary Elements High Elements Alien
Fire Magma (Fire + Earth) Spirit Cosmic
Water Ice (Water + Earth) Holy
Wind Lightning (Wind + Fire) Dark
Earth Storm (Water + Wind)
Force (Fire + Water)
Poison (Earth + Wind)
Strengths > Weaknesses
Primary Secondary High Alien
Fire > Earth Lightning > Ice, Water, Earth Spirit > Spirit Spirit > Cosmic
Earth > Wind Ice > Magma, Fire, Wind Holy > Dark Cosmic > Spirit
Wind > Water Magma > Storm, Earth, Wind Dark > Holy
Water > Fire Storm > Force, Fire, Earth
Force > Poison, Wind, Earth
Poison > Lightning, Fire, Water

Rules of Spellcasting

Spellcasting comes with its own general regulations of how it is used worldwide. Despite the different incantations, methods and tools, the underlying rules apply to all existing practices on Aurora.

  • One cannot simply cast magic by the flick of a hand, they will need to have a magic catalyst in order to cast magic. Without it, they will not be able to tap into any kind of mana. Magic catalysts come in variety of shapes and forms, from simple bracelets, wands, staves to even offensive weaponry, such as swords or maces.
  • There is no such thing as perfect mastery. Even the most skilled of mages and sages can sometimes miss or fumble a spell, with no exception to the rule.
  • While there are scrolls and tomes of spells, it doesn’t mean that your mage character knows how to specifically make these things. Spellcasting is simply the practice of casting magic, and in order for your character to delve deeper into the science of magic, they’d need to learn Artifice. Artifice is not addressed under Magic, but under Technology.
  • Your character can know all types of elements if they wish to, however they will have to train for it. A character usually starts off with one or two favoured elements in some cases, where Favoured Elements stands for an element they know how to use.
  • Your character cannot be Fire itself, or Holy itself, or being an element in itself! While there are extreme cases where your character can obtain this, never assume your character being made of some element. That’s what Elementals are for, and this race is off-limites.

Who can be a Spellcaster?

While all beings have a “little magic” inside themselves called a soul, not all of the characters can spellcast. Let's be real for a moment here; use of magic isn't the same for everyone, some are able to cast better than others, while there is such a thing as being incompetent in such an endeavor. This might be a natural disability, or unnaturally hindered, or some other excuse that might spice up a character.

There are some thing you have to be careful about too; for example, you do not expect a Mechanic to work with magic the same as a Mage, if at all! An Artificer might have the capability of using magic like a spellcaster by relying on oneself, although it is not mandatory and actually pretty redundant, as they can depend on their stones and relics to do the same feat.

So think well and wisely when you're making your character; are they able to cast spells or not? It makes all the difference during roleplay.

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