Races of Aurora

The following is the list for what races are available for your character.

What is listed below is only the general description of the races. Every character differs, so do not feel constrained to the average example given. Please keep your created character's within the basic facts given regarding each race.

An Example: Orcs are not intelligent enough, on average, to use magical spells. An Orc Character can try and learn magic, but that Orc Character should not be made knowing magic already. Eventually, through RP, an Orc Character can learn magic.

A final note: There are no Half-Races (No Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, etc). If a couple has intercourse, which produces a baby, the baby is of one race or the other. Human + Elf = Human or Elf. Cubi are a special case, which is detailed in their section.


  • Native City: Various
  • Natural Appearance: Varies.
  • Average Life-Span: 80-100 Years.

General Opinion of other Races:

  • Dwarves: Business-oriented
  • Goblins: Neutral, but wary of.
  • Kobolds: Neutral, but consider simple.
  • Orcs: Disliked, but respected.
  • Elves: Admired, but resentful.
  • Cubi: Wary of, but enthralled.
  • Vampires: Monsters

The most common Race and also the most flexible and balanced in terms of physical strength and magical capability. Humans come all sorts of shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Their cultures are varied, but most are geared toward bettering their lot in life or maintaining their ways of life.

Humans are found all over Aurora, they have advanced and aided as much as they have created chaos throughout the lands. Humans are not really too fond of many races, nor are racial majorities fond of them.


  • Native City: Avicennia, Geffenia
  • Natural Appearance: Lithe, Agile, Beautiful. Earth/Forest colors in hair and eyes.
  • Average Life-Span: 400-700

General Opinion of other Races:

  • Dwarves: Business-oriented
  • Goblins: Untrustworthy
  • Kobolds: Animals
  • Orcs: Brutes
  • Humans: Ignorant and Greedy
  • Cubi: Friendly, but too Impulsive
  • Vampires: Monsters

The second most common race on Aurora. Elves are physically weaker than Humans, but are more graceful and magically inclined. An average elf is usually lighter than a human. Their height varies from a similar height to humans, or a head taller than the average human.

Elves are a nature oriented species, having honed their ability to communicate with nature throughout their existence. Adapt with magicks, and the wilderness, Elves prefer to learn skills relating to both.

Elves are also known as entertainers as they love music and dancing, many becoming minstrels and gypsies. This quality for entertaining is supplemented by their natural beauty.

A common trait with all elves from Vahk'Sala is the abhorrence of advanced technology, as it is loud, dirty, and abuses the World’s natural resources.

Elves in general are a gracious, but snobbish race. They hold themselves with a high moral dignity, and are usually not crude. Thanks to their long-lives, Elves have many years to learn manners and skills.

The Elve’s largest city is Avicennia, their ruler Berzebub. They are tolerant to Dwarves, however they dislike humans with quiet passion. They are only tolerant to Cubi to a certain extent however; while they do like their abilities in magic and knowledge, they are not fans of their attitudes.


  • Native City: Thor's Volcano, Avicennia
  • Natural Appearance: Stocky, short and muscular. Men tend to have long beards.
  • Average Life-Span: 600 - 700 Years.

General Opinion of other Races:

  • Goblins: Friendly
  • All Other Races: Business Oriented

Third most common race. Dwarves are known to be shrewd business-people. Dwarves are very physically strong, but lack any capacity to use magic. This does not prevent them from creating magical weapons and crafts or be healed/empowered by magic. Dwarves are long-lived; their strength and endurance lasts until the end of the lives.

Dwarves typically become either Soldiers or Craftsmen, and stubbornly hone their skills in a singular vocation. Rapid change and chaotic methods are not accepted from Dwarves, but tolerated in other races as they lack good Dwarf Sense.

Dwarves are very secretive of their technology and culture. It is very hard to gain the trust of an average Dwarf, and incredibly hard to mend broken trust or get rid of grudges. For the sake of this wiki, the culture will be summarized briefly.

Do not presume that your character knows any of this unless they are a Dwarf.

First and foremost, Dwarven society is about immortalizing one’s family, or Clan. All efforts made in a Dwarf’s life is to build the epic saga that relates their Clan’s accomplishments. Second, Dwarven society is about wealth and business. Dwarves covet their earned treasure, whether it was earned by righteous or nefarious means. Physical wealth is another measure of Immortality. Third is the secrets of the Dwarves. These secrets include technologies, how the cities infrastructure works, everything pertaining to or in the Great City Under the Mountain.

This ends Dwarven specific knowledge.

Dwarves, next to Goblins, are the creators of the most advanced technologies of present day Aurora. The Invention of Airships is credited to both races, though more fervent Dwarves and Goblins fight over who had the idea first.

The biggest Dwarven city is The Great City Under the Mountain. It is located under Thor's Volcano, named after their god Thor. Their ruler is the King Under Stone. However there are Dwarves that also originate from Avicennia. They are more friendly to Elves and Cubi but still do not share Dwarven Secrets.


  • Native City: Avicennia, Geffenia
  • Natural Appearance: All Cubi have horns of some kind. Some have bat-like wings.
  • Life-Span: 400-900 Years (If constantly Feeding)

General Opinion of other Races:

  • Dwarves: Ugly
  • Goblins: Ugly
  • Kobolds: Animals
  • Humans: Ignorant, but Beautiful
  • Elves: Friendly, and Beautiful
  • Orcs: Ugly
  • Vampires: Monsters

The first of the racial minorities of Aurora. Cubi are a magically centered race, their nature and very spark of life is tied to Magic and Mana. Graced with longevity and eternal youth, all Cubi are voluptuous and physically attractive. It is a very rare case that a Cubi grows into something everyone considers “Ugly”. This beauty does not translate into actual physical power, however. Cubi are beautiful, but delicate. Cubi are the most magically inclined race on Aurora.

The information provided next is not common knowledge. Other characters may be aware, but the world in large is not aware of this. Elves and Cubi of Vahk’Sala are taught this, and are aware of it.

Cubi maintain their lives via a natural magical trait. This trait allows a Cubi to consume invisible, free energy from other sentient creatures. This free energy is created from romantic/passionate inclinations of the mind, or passionate/intimate/romantic responses of the body.

Bluntly put, a Cubi nourishes themselves through affection, platonic love, or love-making.

This is the end of the uncommon knowledge.

Cubi are generally impulsive and curious. They can be quite vain, narcissistic, shameless and over-confident. It is rare for a Cubi to show guilt for their actions. Thanks to this attitude, and wild rumors born over the ages, Cubi are regarded as evil, life-sucking harlots and home-wreckers. While not as persecuted as they used to be, common and uninformed folk treat Cubi as deceptive vagrants.

Cubi lack the capacity to have more than a single Cubi child in their life. Any other child that an Incubi or Succubi, produces after the first will always be the race of their partner. (Or no child, if the partner is a non-virgin Cubi.)

Example 1: A virgin succubus/incubus seduces a human and conceives a child with the man/woman. As the succubus/incubus was a virgin, the child born will be a Cubi. The succubus/incubus and human conceive another child, which will be human. First child is always Cubi, every child after is not a Cubi.

Example 2: A Incubus and Succubus conceive a child together. The result is a Cubi baby. The Incubus and Succubus try for a second child, but a second pregnancy does not follow.

Most Cubi live in Avicennia, with their ruler Berzebub. Others also originate from Geffenia. For the most part, Cubi and Elves tolerate and appreciate one another. Most Cubi tend to look poorly on unattractive races, like Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, and Kobolds.


  • Native City: None
  • Natural Appearance: Horribly bloodshot eyes, absent pupil, paper white complexion and fangs.
  • Average Life-Span: Eternal as long as they feed on the blood of the living.

General Opinion of other Races: It depends on the specific character’s circumstances.

The origin of the Vampire is unknown, buried in legends and myths. What is universally known is that they travel in the night and feed on the blood of the living.

The following information is hidden and unknown, even to some Vampires. Speak with a GM regarding your character knowing this information ICly.

Vampirism is actually a disease that only affects Humans. You are not born a Vampire, you are made one. Any other race that is bitten by a Vampire succumbs to death.

This is the end of the hidden information.

When a person turns into a vampire, their health deteriorates in a matter of days. Their body will remain intact, but it becomes withered. Vampires are very weak physically as a result of their transformation. This change also prevents use of Holy magicks. Vampires are deathly vulnerable to Fire, Sunlight, and Holy Magic.

In order to maintain their Undeath, a Vampire must drink the blood of the living. Stored blood of the living functions normally, but drinking the blood of the dead supplies the Vampire with zero nourishment.

Lacking any city of their own, most Vampires tend to blend into society or hide themselves away.


  • Native City: Orc Village
  • Natural Appearance: Green or blue skin-tone, gorilla-type physique. Eyes have a yellowish tint, with various iris coloration.
  • Average Life-Span: 70 - 100 Years, or when they find something Bigger/Meaner than themselves.

General Opinion of other Races:

  • Dwarves: Business-oriented/Strong
  • Goblins: Small and smart
  • Kobolds: Small but nice
  • Humans: Mean
  • Elves: Weak
  • Cubi: Pretty
  • Vampires: Monsters

Orcs are the least intelligent sentient race upon Aurora. While capable of higher thinking, as an Orc is aware of itself, most Orcs lack the mental capacity to go beyond basic needs. Most Orcs live to fight, eat, fight, have sex, fight, raise children, and so on.

Orcs, unlike Dwarves however, have the capacity to use magicks. Orc Magic-Users are very rare, and venerated as advisors, medicine men, and wise-ones.

Orcs are the pinnacle of physical strength out of all the dominate races of Aurora, and have an innate capacity for incredible strength and violence. This Rage is unique to the Orc race, and occurs only when an Orc is near death and angry. Or just when an Orc is very, very angry.

The current Orc leader is the Orc Lord, his Orc ‘Heroes’ sub-leaders of varying clans.


  • Native City: Goblin Town, Thor Volcano
  • Natural Appearance: Very short, huge eyes, pointed teeth, brown complexion and skinny to the bone.
  • Average Life-Span: 70-100 Years.

General Opinion of other Races:

  • Dwarves: Friendly
  • Orcs: Friendly
  • Kobolds: Friendly
  • Humans: Neutral, but wary of
  • Elves: Neutral
  • Cubi: Poor
  • Vampires: Monsters

Goblins are small in stature, yet powerful in mind. They are highly intelligent creatures that make up for their size with complicated gadgets and inventions. Most goblins are tinkerers or treasure hunters to some degree. Goblins freely work with Dwarves in projects, and are secretive about them due to honors or threats made by the Dwarves.

Goblins’ small size does not discount their strength. While most goblins are not physically strong, some can reach levels that match strong Humans.

Generally, Goblins to do not use magic, but some Goblins are skilled wizards and priests. These are few in number.

Goblin Town, and Goblin Ridge of Thor’s Volcano are the largest Goblin cities. Both are ruled by the Great Goblin King.


  • Native City: Kobold Village
  • Natural Appearance: Bipedal short Canine creatures with leonine legs. Fur color varies from white, brown, gray, and black.
  • Average Life-Span: 70 - 100 Years.

General Opinion of other Races:

  • Dwarves: Business-oriented
  • Orcs: Friendly
  • Goblins: Friendly
  • Humans: Poor
  • Elves: Admire for their lands
  • Cubi: Weird
  • Vampires: Monsters

The Kobolds are a group of short dog-like creatures that live in nomadic packs. Kobolds have a simple, rustic nature and prefer such a life. Most Kobold have great knowledge of the wild, and sport natural abilities to compliment this mastery. However, thanks to these natural abilities, many Kobolds have not cared to learned the more modern ways of living.

Thus, their typical sorts of knowledge are rooted in simple ways. Hunting is with bow, spear, and net. Magic is for shamans and leaders to heal the sick and ward away bad spirits.

While some Kobolds try to blend into modern society, most are too rooted in their simple ways to make use of modern conveniences.

Kobold Village, the largest gathering of Kobolds, is actually a large mobile group of kobolds. This nomadic town is the center for Kobolds to gather and exchange news that affects their people.

Kobolds live in packs, with an Alpha acting as the leader of the pack. The Grand Alpha is the leader of all kobolds.

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